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The newly-launched Workspace demonstrates our commitment to ongoing improvement to our best-in-class business solutions for everyone that wants to win in the CPG marketplace.


“The ability to allow users to edit the report canvas with visualization templates. As a big fan of Power BI, I LOVE this feature!”

“It's good to allow users to select multiple reporting levels and product universes.”

“The top 10 filter, this is a super nice feature”

“LOVING the new group creation tool. So easy to use.”

Upgrade to a data subscription through SATORI™,
a dynamic business intelligence platform that enables users to retrieve, visualize, and explore SPINS® data for relevant and actionable insights.

Brand scorecard

Scorecards are pre-formatted foundational insights to align brands and retailers around common performance measures.


SATORI allows rich analytics for your full list of SKUs and competitive set, across 75+ performance measures, multiple years, and geography dimensions. 

SATORI empowers data-driven decisions by helping brands:



The SPINS Advantage

Fueled by the most comprehensive database of natural products intelligence in existence – with more than 2 million unique UPC’s and counting, coding beyond the label for a growing list of 5,000+ unique product attributes driving shopper decisions.

Gain access to proprietary retail sales data from 80+ Natural and Specialty exclusive retailers you can’t find anywhere else, revealing a panoramic view of innovation across channels.

SPINS is the exclusive source of reporting & insights for these retail partners and many more!

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SATORI Dashboards & Reporting

Through a customizable data subscription, brands can gain access to Market-level and Store-level insights delivered through dynamic dashboards and custom ad hoc reporting capabilities.

An intuitive path guides you to move seamlessly from raw data to actionable business insights, so you can spend more time acting than analyzing. Some of the key questions SATORI can help you answer:

Topline Performance:

  • How does my performance compare across retail channels? 
  • How is my category and department performing?
  • Which product attributes are driving growth? 
  • How have my sales changed over time by product or geography (3 year history)? 
  • What are my products key performance metrics by store? 

Product Insights:

  • What is my brand's share and how does it compare? 
  • Who are my top competitors and how are they performing? 
  • How are each of my items faring against competitors? 
  • How are my new items performing? 
  • What is my product's seasonality? 

Pricing & Promotion:

  • How effective was my promotion?
  • How has pricing changed over time by product and geography?
  • How does my products pricing compare? 

Distribution Insights:

  • What is my product's distribution across key accounts?
  • What is my product's performance gap (voids) opportunity by store?
  • What is the sales opportunity for improvement in under-performing stores? 
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Ad-Hoc Reports

Create fully customized interactive reports driven by industry-relevant product attributes and measures.

Personalized Databases

Build personalized databases to view and query only the data that's relevant to you, resulting in more efficient reporting.

Customize Your View

Create frequently used groupings of Time Frames, Geographies and Products to customize and view your data more easily.

Export Your Data

Export up to 1 GB of data into .csv formatted files to be used as input into other applications.

Drill Down

Drill down into your data sets to better understand market dynamics, driven by SPINS' extensive product coding.

Custom Reports

The SATORI® environment also enables enhanced, ad hoc capabilities delivering fully customized interactive reports, with additional features to view your data, your way (custom databases, filters and large data set export functionality).

SATORI® offers a wide range of Market & Store-level insights to best suit your individual business needs – from emerging brand bundles to full enterprise solutions, enjoy the flexibility to customize your subscription to get to the heart of the business questions you’re looking to answer.

SATORI™ is a dynamic data exploration solution that enables users to retrieve, visualize, and explore SPINS® data for relevant and actionable insights.

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Cross-Channel Reporting

Access data from all retail channels within a single solution to understand market dynamics without manually exporting data to sum totals.

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Instant Insights

Understand overall regional and store-specific performance relative to items in the Natural, Specialty Gourmet, and Conventional Channels.

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One Entry Point

SATORI delivers SPINS' complete suite of business intelligence services through one we-based solution, compatible across operating systems and browsers.

Discover more with your SPINS data in SATORI

✓ Standard Reports
✓ Interactive Analytics
✓ Data Visualization
✓ Accessible Across Operating Systems

✓ Standard Dashboards
✓ Cross-Channel Reporting
✓ On-Demand Reporting
✓ Customized Dashboards & Reporting

Solution Overview

SATORI caters to a range of reporting needs, from gaining industry insights to customizing and sharing interactive reports. Discover more from your SPINS data with the unique reporting applications in SATORI.

Standard Reports

Quickly access key data points to fuel intelligent business discussions, presentations, and everyday strategic decisions.

Brand Management

How are my items priced versus my competitor's?
Does my product perform better in a specific market?
How have my product's sales and pricing trended?

Attribute Review

Which health and wellness attributes are driving consumer purchasing within a segment?

Category Review

How does my brand rank?
Where do my distribution gaps and voids lie?
What was my ROI on my recent promotions?