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 Gain visibility into the marketplace to identify areas of innovation

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Track performance, uncover growth drivers, and optimize assortment

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Enable better collaboration with vendors using a common language

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Enhance the shopping experience based on emerging preferences and trends

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SPINS Neighborhood Pet Channel

SPINS proprietary data insights and solutions for brands & retailers looking to drive innovation and growth with an eye for health and wellness.

SPINS proprietary data insights and solutions for brands & retailers looking to drive innovation and growth with an eye for health and wellness.

How Do You Stack Up With Leaders in Retail?

Complete your Data Health Check and discover how you measure up to top-performing retailers

The Industry's Only Source of Cross-Channel Visibility Across the Full Market Landscape

Through exclusive retail partnerships, SPINS is the only place to access point-of-sale data from hundreds of leading natural, regional, and specialty retailers where emerging trends and new products are often seen first.

Assess your performance and optimize

Uncover meaningful insights within your data through intuitive reporting and interactive dashboards

Unlock the power
of your point-of-sale data

SPINS makes your sales data meaningful and actionable, helping you track performance, identify growth drivers and emerging trends to optimize assortment, pricing and trade programs for maximum return.

Leading technology puts performance at your fingertips

The sight line you need — anytime, anywhere— with the SATORI® business intelligence platform. Intuitively navigate market dynamics and answer business questions with ease through interactive dashboards and reporting suites.

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Collaborate with vendors through a common language

Give data a seat at the table

Providing vendors with access to their performance in your stores sets the table for a more meaningful discussion on what success looks like and how to optimize the category.

SPINS Scorecards Program

Facilitate stronger collaboration with your vendors by offering turn-key Scorecard reports to evaluate performance around consistent, standardized metrics. Streamlined delivery through the SPINS Portal allows shared access to retailers and brands in real time.

Activate your SPINS Portal account to view Scorecards and topline reports, plus valuable content and resources only available in this centralized hub.

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Personalize the shopping experience with meaningful attributes

Discover shopper preferences and trends

Supercharge your data with the most powerful product attribute-engine in the industry, covering more than 2 million UPCs with intelligence that goes beyond the label to offer unmatched visibility into what's really driving consumer decisions at shelf.

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Enhance the shopper experience

Powerful attributes are ready to activate in-store and online to help you improve:

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